Students' Activities

The Students' Union of English Language Education Programme has held several activities that include events, community services, and internships. These activities are mostly is the end project of the course of the English Language Education Study Programme that is intended to help the student to develop their expertise in organizing events, research, and community services:



ESC (English Students Conference)

In January 2022, Student Union of English Language Education Study Programme has held the 8th International English Students Conference 2022 with the theme “Revitalizing the role of English Language Teaching, Linguistic and Literature in Post Pandemic Era”. This scientific forum organized by the students union of English Language Education Study Programme started from 2011 until recently. This sustainable event highlighted about the mastery of English in the fields of English Language Teaching, Linguistics, and Literature by presenting scholars and experts speakers from various region in order to share brilliant ideas related to the topic.


CCU (Cross-Cultural Understanding)

Are you eager to discover more about the cross-cultural relationships that exist on all seven continents? English Language Education StudyPorgramme students learn about various cultures from all over the world in the Cross-Cultural Understanding course. Not only about the culture all over the world, but also English language Education Study Programme students at Cross-Cultural Understanding (CCU) are also taught about cultural understanding in other regions of Indonesia.


POL (Poetry Out Loud)

Don’t like poetry? Maybe you just haven’t found the right poem yet. In English Language Education Study Programme, you are able to explore the world of poetry in Poetry courses in 2nd semester. There are numerous lecturers in English Language Education Study Programme who are experts in the field of poetry and its elements. At the end of this course, the students in 2nd semester collaborating with the Students’ Union of English Language Education Study Programme, Poetry Out Loud event Trust us, there’s a poem out there for everyone.


Community Services

ED in Action

ED in Action is a community service programme. As the main task of Public Relations Department in SUN OF ED where there is a need for a relationship with the community, this program is the form of its realization. This year, ED in Action has beed held in Luluo Village, Biluhu District, Gorontalo Regency. This community service is a form of concern for English Language Education Study Programme students in education and the environment. With the theme "Create the Healthy Nature by Go Green Action to Provide the Better Learning Environment", this activity focused on the village environment as a place for learning that is more conducive and effective. The selection of Luluo village has also been through survey results where the level of awareness of the environment and the lack of English knowledge have made the village a target for this work program. ED in Action was held on June 17-19, 2022 which was well received by village officials and the community. Several administrators of SUN OF ED went directly to share basic English knowledge with children and facilitated residents in terms of reforestation. It is hoped that the seeds planted can thrive and the knowledge provided can be useful for the younger generation there to the progress of the village.


January 2 - 4, 2023

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Grade Appeal

December 26 - 31, 2022

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Submission of Students' Grades to SIAT

December 19 - 24, 2022

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Final Examination Week

December 10, 2022

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Final Day of Odd Semester