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Admission of International Student

1. UNG can admit international students through an independent selection pathway organized by UNG.

2. Foreign citizen that registers as UNG student must enclose the following documents;

    1. Curriculum Vitae;

    2. Copy of certificate and transcript that have been legalized by the authorized official;

    3. Letter of Recommendation published by the Indonesian Embassy in the country of origin;

    4. Copy of passport with a minimum validity period of 1 (one) year;

    5. Letter of Recommendation declaring that during a time of being a student, the applicant does not work, will not be involved in any political activity, and is willing to comply with Laws and Regulations;

    6. Letter of Health Statement from authorized physician;

    7. Health and accident insurance (full cover) which applies in Indonesia during the study.

    8. Health and accident insurance (full cover) which applies in Indonesia during the study.

3. Foreign citizen admitted as a student of UNG is obliged to:

    1. Pay registration fee;

    2. Register (administration and academic);

    3. Obtain a Study Permit from Ministry; and

    4. Hold a visa or residence permit in Indonesia.

4. Tuition Fee :

    1. Tuition Fee, whether Single Tuition Fee (UKT) or Institutional Development Fund (SPI) for international students is managed in the specific decree.

    2. We provided free tuition fees and accommodation for eligible international students

5. International student who needs adjustment and/or improvement in Indonesian language mastery can attend the Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) Programme organized by certain provision and costs.

6. Head of Study Programme can oblige the International Student to attend BIPA programme if the Indonesian language skill is considered poor.

All the administrative procedures for enrollment and permits for international students are managed at the university level by the international office.

For further information, International Student Admission Guidelines, and Online Application Form, kindly visit the link below:



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