Academic Advisor Guidelines


Several Definitions include on the standard operational procedures of Academic Advisor, includes of:

1. The Academic Advisor or (PA) is a lecturer that is mandated by the study programme to give academic guidance to the students involving guiding on the course subject programming per semester, giving counselling, and monitoring the student's during their study in English Language Education Study Programme.

2.  Academic Advisory is a consultation process from the students to the Academic Advisor regarding study plans dan learning strategy on English Language Education Study Programme.


1. Guiding students in arranging study plan since the first semester until the end of the study.

2. Explaining the procedures and process of academic advisory.


1. Appointment of Academic Advisor.

2. Academic Advisor duties and responsibilities.

3. Academic Advisory procedures.


a. General

Implementing the educational programme based on the study load (SKS) oriented towards the students. Based on that, it is required for the students to receive advice from the academic advisor. The academic advisory is held in order for the student to plan the study properly and finish the study on time without any problems. Due to that reason, it is necessary to appoint an academic advisor to guide a few students, including their duties and responsibilities.

b. Academic Advisor Duties

1. Guide students to prepare their study plan from the first semester to the end of their study.

2. Giving consideration regarding the course that can be taken in the following semester based on academic regulations concerning the course code, pre-requested courses, study loads, team teaching, and obligatory/elective courses.

3. Validating the total study load that can be contracted by the student in each semester on

4. Informing the student regarding particular mistakes in their study plan cards (KRS) or reminding the student to input their KRS.

5. Records and evaluate programmes taken by the student on documents/files to be easily monitored.

6. Understand the curriculum taken by their students.

7. Monitoring the students’ activities.

8.  Assign the advisory schedule to the students.

9. Guiding and monitoring the students favourably.

10. Inform the director of the study programme regarding the resignation of the duty.

c.  Academic Advisor Authority

1. Advising their advisory students.

2. Warn the students that violate the students’ academic ethics.

3. Helping the student solve their academic and non-academical problems that obstruct their study process.

4. Forward student problems that are not the authority or beyond the ability of the academic advisor to the study programme to be resolved.

5. Recommend the student to a counsellor if needed.

d. Academic Advisor Appointments

1. The Dean appoints the academic advisor based on the proposal from the chief of the study programme, documented on a Dean Decree, which each semester will guide 20 – 25 students.

2. The Dean that temporarily absent, will be replaced by the chief of the study programme in terms of its duty.

3. The Dean that is permanently incapable, will be replaced by another lecturer following the Dean Decree based on the chief of study programme recommendation.

e.  Academic Advisory Procedures

1. The Academic Advisor establishes and announces the advisor schedule at the beginning of every semester.

2. The Academic Advisor evaluates the study results of the previous semester and guides the students about the courses (course codes, obligatory courses, elective courses, study load, team teaching) and the total of study load that is available for the students during the advisor schedule.

3. The Academic Advisor established the total of study load that can be contracted by their students at

4. The student contract the courses at

5. The Academic Advisor validates the student's study plan card and study result card.

6. Students submit the study result cards and study plan cards to the Academic Advisor, study programme, and Academic sub-sections to be further processed.

f. Students Occupation

1. Each student entitled to receive a guidance from the Academic Advisor, includes study progress and personal performance during the study in minimum of three times each semester.

2. Outstanding students and non-scholarship awardees eligible to be conducted to receive a scholarship based on the Academic Advisor recommendation.


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