Interdisciplinary Fields

The English Language Education Study Programme (ELESP) also prepares students with some Programmes that foster interdisciplinary fields.

The content of the curriculum is, therefore, arranged with a combination of skills necessary for performing in non-English language education employment sectors. These skills are taught in such specific subjects as: English for Business and Tourism offers in semester fourth.

Fostering the skills enable students to work in a particular employment sector other than teaching. For this reason, in semester seventh, ELESP offers job training opportunities. Students may voluntarily work in government offices, hotels, and private enterprises.

Moreover, MBKM programme as national programme for HEI, provides opportunity to sharpen interdisciplinary fields. The programme comprises 9 elected projects that can be chosen independently.

In the semester 5 serving as additional courses to support competencies that comprise of three concentrations, namely English teaching, linguistics, and literature. Bachelor of English language education facilitates students with a variety of soft skills, such as English teaching, research skills, cultural knowledge, entrepreneurships, and leadership.

ELESP is also offering some courses with knowledge contents as follows: English instructional design, teaching English for disabilities as an elective course, and intensive course as the first course in semester 1 in which the students will get some insights from all language skills teaching. Students are able to research through courses, such as quantitative and qualitative research.


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